Model A Ford Club

Who are the Southside A’s?
The SSA’s are a region of The Model A Restorers Club (MARC), one of two national clubs that support the Model A collector’s community; the other club being MAFCA, the Model A Ford Club Of America.  Altogether, the two clubs have approximately 22,000 members, with some being members of both groups.  Our region has an elected Board of Directors, and committees including tour activities,  fashion, and technical education.

The “Southside” in our name refers to the area on the Southside of metro Atlanta. We currently have over 50 member families, the majority residing in the Newnan/Peachtree City/Fayetteville area, but we also have members in outlying areas of Georgia, including Griffin, Cordele, Carrollton, Forest Park, La Grange, and McDonough.  One family even hails from Jupiter, FL.

Membership in the Southside A’s also requires membership in MARC.  The fees for membership in both organizations are minimal.  Ownership of a Model A is not a requirement; just having enthusiasm for the hobby is enough.   Whether you own a car or not, or have one undergoing restoration, you can still join in on all tours and club activities.  And there are always opportunities to hop in a Model A with other members to further enjoy the experience, and the  friendship of our group.

Focus of the Club/Activities:
The Southside A’s is a touring club.   We issue a newsletter which chronicles club events and includes a calendar of upcoming activities.  We also offer tech meets and socials, along with our enthusiastic emphasis on touring the back roads of Georgia, and neighboring states, for all sorts of interesting adventures.  Many also attend the annual national club meets. 

For those not mechanically inclined, we are fortunate to have some very knowledgeable members willing to assist with repairs, large and small; they often come in most handy during a tour!  Our technical director is a nationally known restoration specialist and mechanic, who can easily repair a member’s car if they do not wish to do their own work. 

Our well-planned tours include both short, day tours, as well as overnight, 2-3 day events.  The emphasis of the club is on enjoying our cars, sharing camaraderie, and having FUN. 

If you would like to become a member, click here to print a copy of the club membership form.